Travels in Southern Africa

These photos are of some of the paintings done on location in South Africa. The trip began in Zimbabwe at the mighty Victoria Falls and ended at Capetown, Many adventures in between-from the massive scenery,in the Drakensberg Mts, the magnificent wildlife and the friendly people.

Northern SA -Blyde Canyon ,Pilgrims Rest

Magnificent Scenery in Mpumalanga Nth SA  The fantastic Blyde River Canyon -photos Rorke`s Luck potholes -remarkable holes careved by whirlpools in river-photo The painting was done in Pilgrims Rest -small town nearby It was truly like stepping back in time Painting done on side of street-gave huge opportunity for chat with local teenagers and young […]

Isandlwana Battlefied

Anglo-Zulu war battlefield in Kwazulu Natal In this battle the Zulu army completely overwhelmed the British force before proceeding to the famous  Rorke`s Drift-featured in movie Zulu It really felt like standing in a place where history was made!

Animals of the Kruger NP

A Great South Africa Experience! A real living woonder -The Kruger -size of Munster-teeming with wildlife , all living In as nature had intended The painting shows a dry river bed which was regularly visited by the animals shown (tho not all at the same time!)

Animals of the Kruger

A true living wonder! -the Kruger NP in north SA An area size of Munster, teeming with wildlife all living together as nature had intended.Altho sometimes they had to be searched for at dawn or dusk! Scene shows dry riverbed ,where herds of elephants, pairs of Rhinos, Lions etc could be seen


A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE The start of a trip to southern Africa-a week spent at one of the greatest wonders of the natural World-the magnificent Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side! Over 2km long they are truly phenomenal-in scale, beauty, noise  and impact. The time spent here had its interests -much interaction with the local community […]