Rainbow on Victoria Falls

At Victoria Falls

rainbow-correctedZimbabwe-Victoria-Falls-Mist-and-Rainbow-Oil-on-Canvas-on-Board-46x28-cm-€450-ref-169Victoria Falls CataractVictoria Falls IslandA WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE

The start of a trip to southern Africa-a week spent at one of the greatest wonders of the natural World-the magnificent Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side!

Over 2km long they are truly phenomenal-in scale, beauty, noise  and impact.

The time spent here had its interests -much interaction with the local community and visitors.

One interesting experience was as I turned around there was a big (and very cheeky) monkey helping himself to my lunch from my bag. You should have seen him poking thru the belongings. Anyway we reached an understanding and he went in search of another victim!

The paintings show 3 views done on site- because of rain and mist rainbows appeared frequently.

painting at victoria falls 2