When asked where was favourite place visited – it was always Alaska (Probably overtaken more recently by Namibia/Botswana). Alaska’s got the lot – unbelievable scenery, wildlife, remoteness, low population – a great place to get away from it all and painting to your hearts content. We spent several months, during summer and did every passable road. A highlight was the long trip into Denali NP and witnessing the might McKinley “in the flesh” it rises like a might iceberg from ground level. Highest mountain in North America.

Probably the top experience was staying the the 30person capital of Wrangell-St Elias NP-McCarthy (its numbers swell to 30 in summer from 15). It really was getting away from it all and having the craic with the lads who owned the cabin and the local eatery/drinkery.

McCarthy was the support town for the nearby Kennecott copper Mines which closed in 1938. The derelict buildings reflect the “activities”. It was interesting to look out the window or be standing there painting and witness a bear, moose or other wildlife just trundling by. We had a fairly hair raising white water ride amidst the numerous glaciers.

As we travelled around we were gob – smacked by the snowy peaks, glaciers, wildlife and even the husky training camp. We saw a small number of huskies pulling a sled on gravel-it was like a formula 1 car takin off.

An interesting trip was a boat plane over the Kenai peninsula and witness it all from above – including a family of 20 black bears.
Anchorage, the capital, a welcoming place.