A city like no other!
This is true in spadefuls. We have visited this place many times, at different times of the year. Probably our favourite time is in January, a bit cold, a bit misty, but few people about and you can wander untroubled.

Just to mention, at the outset, most folks know the main attractions – St Marks Sq, Rialto, etc. ,but the real pleasure is doing the simple stuff. Rather than competing with the crowds between St Marks and Rialto, wander the backstreets. There are miles and miles of them, it is like living in a museum and you can imagine how it was when Marco Polo headed off. Also, rather than gondola (expensive!) take the vaporettos, you can do circuits and drop off where you like.

For an artist, you cannot fail to be astonished – in the Academia museum you can see extraordinary works by Venetian artist who led the way in Europe – Titian, Bellini, Giorgione, Mantegna, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Canaletto, etc. Also, to be see in situ in churches, e.g. Santa Maria and the various museums around the city – I wont bore you, just look up the list – all in a very small area.

Architecture and art are combined in Churches and Palaces e.g St Marks and Doges Palace (but also look at the more remote buildings and Bridges).

Also, of course, glass-we have been known to admire and indulge in Murano-art and craft at their best.

Shows – great music and stage shows representing Karneval – they were boyos!

Of course for me the great pleasure is standing on the street daubin away and interacting with the locals. Beer and tucker not so bad either. Last word Benetton Treviso ground nearby so can combine with a top class rugby game.